I am a recent graduate of Dakota State University with a degree in Digital Arts and Design, with a specialization in Audio Production. I also have a minor in History. I graduated from Huron High School in 2007 after which I attended South Dakota State University for a little over a year before coming to Dakota State and pursued my current degree.

School Activities

DSU Theatre Company: I work as a sound designer for the DSU theatre company; my duties include designing and executing sound effects and music at appropriate times during performances. I must also find sounds on the Internet and manipulate them to suit my needs, or create the sounds myself using Foley techniques or doing on sight recordings. This position has me working very close with the director on how she wants the show executed and what parts of my design she likes or doesn’t like. And precise execution is key, often I can’t even see the actors on stage before a sound needs to be executed, so instinct and being able to make quick decisions comes into play a lot here.

KDSU Radio: I was involved in campus radio for a few years now, I started out as a DJ and the next year moved up to Director of Public Affairs where I interviewed potential DJ’s. Before I graduated I was a senior adviser to the current board of directors.

Technology Skills

Technology has always been a passion of mine; I enjoy working on computers as well as building or repairing them. This past January I built my own PC using just parts ordered from a website so I have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of computers. I’ve been around computers so long that I’ve seen it all so if it isn’t working right, chances are I’ve fixed it before.

Here are some technologies I am very familiar with:

Operating Systems: Audio Software Other Software
Windows Pro Tools Microsoft Office
Mac OSX Apple Logic Pro Adobe Photoshop
Linux Ubuntu Adobe Audition Adobe Premiere
iOS Reason 5 Show Cue System 10


Farm Hand, Boot Creek Farms Cavour, SD September 2010-Present

In the past few years the expanding operation that is my family farm has required me to become under their employ. My duties include helping with feeding and taking care of cattle, as well as working in the field. While taking part in these duties I have expanded my problem solving abilities and have become more sufficient at managing my own time as most often I am working alone. I can troubleshoot mechanical problems and develop solutions quickly. I can operate heavy machinery safely and efficiently.

Sales Associate, Wal-Mart Huron, SD June 2008-September 2010

I began with a position in the Hardware and Paint department with experience as a cashier and a stock person. Later on I expanded my experience by working in Electronics, Sporting Goods and Pets departments.

Setup Crew, Union and Performing Arts Center Brookings, SD September 2007-December 2008

I worked as a member of the setup crew for the student union at South Dakota State University, we would also set up at the Performing Arts Center on campus. We would prepare rooms for things like conventions, dinners and speakers. In this job I gained very much experience working with a team of my peers and would often lead second teams during tasks.

Attendant, Super Splash Car Wash Huron, SD July 2004-June 2009

I would assist customers with any troubles they had from machines or equipment as well as make change, sell tickets, and manage the money from day-to-day. I gained experience in troubleshooting machines and computers by breaking down pieces of the machine to determine how they were  malfunctioning.


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